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9 Hockey Training Workouts for Strength, Speed, and Power

Rob Svarich
December 6, 2023

Hockey demands an exceptional combination of speed, agility, and strength, and at E.A.T.S., we've honed our training programs to meet these specific needs. Our meticulously designed regimens are customized to enhance individual performance on the ice, addressing each athlete's unique strengths and areas for improvement.

The bulk of our athletes perform these nine workouts, though we program various protocols and routines for each hockey player based on their body type and current skill level.

Hockey dry land training relies on core exercises chosen to propel players towards greater speed, power, and agility on the ice.

Lower Body Strength Training for Faster Skating and Agility

In hockey, your ability to maneuver swiftly and powerfully across the ice is pivotal. Our specialized training focuses on enhancing your skating prowess.

Trap Bar Deadlifts: Activates explosiveness in the lower body, which is essential for strong skating motions and rapid ice starts.

Box Jumps: Box jumps develop explosive power in the lower body, crucial for swift starts, quick turns, and powerful strides on the ice.

Single Leg Deadlift: Enhances hockey players' balance, stability, and lower-body strength, crucial for on-ice agility and injury prevention

Upper-Body Strength Training for Precise Stickhandling and Battle Level

Precision in stick control, accurate passing, and powerful shots necessitate solid upper-body strength. Our training includes focused upper-body workouts.

Benchpress: Strengthens upper body muscles, aiding in improved stick handling, shooting power, and overall on-ice performance for the hockey player.

Pull-Ups and Rows: Strengthen upper back and arm muscles, vital for efficient stickhandling, powerful shots and battling for position on the ice.

Alternating Z Press: Cultivates core stability, shoulder strength, and overall body balance, essential for hockey players to maintain control, power, and agility during gameplay on the ice.

Dry Land Conditioning Work

Conditioning work for hockey players involves a blend of cardiovascular training, agility drills, and strength exercises, ensuring improved endurance, speed, and overall performance on the ice during intense gameplay.

Rowing Machine Conditioning: Enhances hockey players' cardiovascular endurance, strengthens upper and lower body muscles, and improves overall stamina, crucial for sustaining high performance levels throughout intense gameplay on the ice.

Sled Pulls: Integral for hockey players' lower-body strength, explosive power, and speed, essential for swift movements, powerful strides, and agility required during gameplay on the ice.

Functional Range Conditioning: Prioritize flexibility and joint health, reducing the risk of injuries during intense gameplay.

E.A.T.S. for Hockey Excellence

In the fast-paced world of hockey, a comprehensive training regimen is the gateway to excellence. At E.A.T.S., we offer tailored workouts, injury prevention strategies, and personalized programs for elite hockey players. If you're committed to dominating the hockey rink, connect with E.A.T.S. for a personalized athlete assessment and elevate your game to new heights.

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