PERFORMANCE Academy for Student Athletes

Dedicated strength and conditioning programs for student athletes looking to take their performance to the next level. We have spent over 10 years developing the E.A.T.S. method - a strength and conditioning program designed for athletes across all sports.

What is Sport Performance?

Strength & Mobility training for PSAA Athletes

E.A.T.S. PSAA athlete lunge

Attention student athletes! Ready to take your game to the next level? Look no further than the E.A.T.S Method. Our proven training program is designed to support your growth and development. We understand your aspirations and the commitment needed to excel in academics, family life, and your sport. With a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to achieving greatness, we'll provide unwavering support on your journey. Our experienced coaches will guide you every step of the way as we believe true athletic performance goes beyond specialization. Join E.A.T.S. and let's make your dreams a reality. Elevate your game now!

What kind of training?

OFFERING Sport & utility-Specific Training

DryLand Training

In-season & offseason training designed to build strength, mobility/control & conditioning.

Strength Training

Our staff of strength coaches have dedicated their lives to understanding and utilizing the best methods to help you reach your goals.

Athlete Development

No matter where you are in the developmental process, we have the tools and know how to get you to the next level!

Why Train With E.A.T.S?

Our Core Principles


Our committed team of coaches take great pride in seeking out the growth and impact of each individual athlete that trains with E.A.T.S. Your success is our success.


E.A.T.S. isn't just a gym. We're a dedicated group of coaches and athletes from a range of different sports and levels. We hold each other accountable and work as a team towards our individual and shared goals.


The E.A.T.S Method has been developed over more than a decade and continues to evolve to best support the ongoing development of our community of athletes.


Our E.A.T.S. staff and athletes are extremely dedicated to their craft. We've spent years building a reliable foundation to improve our athletes strength and conditioning in a measurable way.

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Ready to train?

If you're looking to grow muscle, increase explosiveness and practice result-driven routines to make an impact for your next sport season, hit the link below and train with us today!

Questions About E.A.T.S

Frequently Asked Questions About PSAA

How do I register?

Register directly with Parkland Student Athlete Academy.

Who can register?

Parkland School Division students that are passionate about sport and are committed to the daily pursuit of elite sport performance. Sport Performance will be available for student athletes in grades 6/7, grades 8/9 and grades 10/11/12.

How much does it cost?

High School Crew - $285 (Grade 10-12) + GST per month.

Jr. High Crew - $280 (Grade 6-7, 8-9) + GST per month.

2023/24 Pricing listed above.
Fees includes all programming costs, transportation and apparel (provided from PSAA). 

Please note the monthly cost is the total cost of the program divided into 5 equal payments.
The monthly cost does not reflect the number of sessions scheduled in the month. 
There are no discounts, refunds or make up sessions. 100% attendance and participation is expected.

How is transportation handled?

HS Crew (High School Student Athletes) - transportation to E.A.T.S. is the responsibility of the student. Transportation from E.A.T.S. to Spruce Grove Composite High School and Memorial Composite High School is available.

Jr. Crew (Jr. High School Student Athletes - transportation is provided from École Broxton Park School to E.A.T.S. Students are responsible for transportation from E.A.T.S. at the end of each session.

What schools offer this program?

Parkland Student Athlete Academy is a program of choice offered by Parkland School Division and delivered by Connections For Learning in conjunction with community partners.

Grade 6-9: École Broxton Park School
Grade 10-12: Memorial Composite High School and Spruce Grove Composite High School

Sport Performance: For the 2023/24 school year PSAA Sport Performance will be offered to the following; Grades 6/7, Grades 8/9, Grades 10/11/12.

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Reviews FROM OUR Members

What Our Athletes Say

Rob & his team @ E.A.T.S. are great, the in-season program they provided for our U-15 AAA Hockey Club was excellent. The attention to detail by the entire staff is great and the accountability they held the team to was very appreciated.

Jason Mercier
PAC Coach

I’ve been training at Elite Athlete Training Systems for 4 years now and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. When I’m there I feel like I can focus on what I’m doing with no distractions. The hardest I’ve ever worked has come from this gym and although it sucks when you’re in it, it makes you much stronger physically and mentally.

Brett Hyland
Brandon Wheat Kings (WHL)

@EliteAthleteTrainingSystems is the go to source for strength and conditioning in Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and area. If you are serious about your performance this is the place for you...

Rob Svarich

Training at E.A.T.S. is one of the best things i could've done for my athletic success. The knowledge and skill set Brad brings to the table is incredible. E.A.T.S. training brought me to that next level where i need to be and is consistently doing so..

Quinntinn Kocis

Super excited and blessed to have this opportunity to play hockey in Florida, thank you to the Florida Eels for bringing me out to play for them. Huge thanks to Athlete Collective and E.A.T.S. for giving me top notch training.

Harrison Papineau

I’m blown away by the attention to detail that every aspect of the EATS method includes. These boys know how to prepare, period. Culture in a training environment is key and E.A.T.S. brings that every day...

Tylor Henry

I've had the pleasure of working with Brad on many projects over the years. I've had the opportunity to have an inside look at his dedication to his craft and the care he puts into his relationship with his athletes...

James Cookson

Brad and the environment at E.A.T.S not only pushes me to live at a higher standard every day I’m in there but demands it! Any athlete or individual that wants to push themselves....

Dextor Janke

Over the past 4 years Eats has become more than a place for me to train and become a better athlete, but it has also help me become a better person all around in every area of my life and also has shown me a greater appreciation for my life...

Wes Bookland

I wouldn't be where I'm at if it weren't for EATS and all the work we put in. If you want to be great you know where to go!

Mike Moore

A lot of my success in 2021-22 can be credited to time spent at The Gorilla Compound (E.A.T.S.) If you're an athlete looking to have a big season, this is probably the place you should be.

Erik Turner
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