Team & Large Group Training

Strength & Conditioning for Edmonton Sport TEAMs

Take your team's performance to the next level with the #EATSMethod. A science-based, results-driven athlete development program designed for teams.

What Are Team Training sessions?

Strength & Mobility training for Sports teams

E.A.T.S. community of athletes

Whether it's hockey, football, basketball or lacrosse, we at E.A.T.S. have over a decade of experience working with sports teams to prepare
their athletes with both in-season and offseason training. We are committed to working with sport coaches to integrate sport performance programming into their team’s overall season plan and schedule

Our team training programs focus on improving maximal strength, mobility, endurance and help create lasting performance-enhancing routines for athletes of all levels.

What kind of training?

OFFERING Sport & utility-Specific Training

DryLand Training

In-season & offseason training designed to build strength, mobility/control & conditioning.

Strength Training

Our staff of strength coaches have dedicated their lives to understanding and utilizing the best methods to help you reach your goals.

Athlete Development

No matter where you are in the developmental process, we have the tools and know how to get you to the next level!

Why Train With E.A.T.S?

Our Core Principles


Our committed team of coaches take great pride in seeking out the growth and impact of each individual athlete that trains with E.A.T.S. Your success is our success.


E.A.T.S. isn't just a gym. We're a dedicated group of coaches and athletes from a range of different sports and levels. We hold each other accountable and work as a team towards our individual and shared goals.


The E.A.T.S Method has been developed over more than a decade and continues to evolve to best support the ongoing development of our community of athletes.


Our E.A.T.S. staff and athletes are extremely dedicated to their craft. We've spent years building a reliable foundation to improve our athletes strength and conditioning in a measurable way.

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