Football Athlete Training Services

Strength & Conditioning for Edmonton Football Players

Football players can use the E.A.T.S. strength and training program to raise their maximum strength, develop their speed and endurance, and ultimately realize their potential on the field.

E.A.T.S. Football Training

Benefits of E.A.T.S. football training

E.A.T.S. Football Athlete performing a row

Explosive Strength Training

Boost your explosiveness, agility, and endurance for increased performance on the football field. Our power training enhances explosive movements and overall physical strength, to help you excel, game after game.


Speed and Power Training

Improve lateral quickness, acceleration, and deceleration during play. Improved speed helps you outmaneuver opponents, while enhanced agility minimizes tackles and enables nimble navigation through tight spots.


Mobility Training

Our program places a strong emphasis on muscle strengthening, flexibility, balance, and stability, reducing the risk of common football injuries. This proactive approach promotes sustained peak performance and player safety.


Progress Tracking

Stay on track to reach your goals with regular performance evaluations and progress tracking sessions. Benefit from detailed feedback and training plan adjustments from our trainers for a path to continuous improvement.

Why Train With E.A.T.S?

Workout Programs Made for Football Players

Years of Experience Training Football Athletes & Teams

For more than ten years, one of our main sports at E.A.T.S. has been football. We help individual athletes make being professional athletes a goal, not just a dream, and we also offer team football training.

Individualized Programming

Any sport can use the E.A.T.S. training program depending on the movements and demands of the position. Football players receive custom programs fit to their position needs and current athletic levels focussing on increasing: strength, explosiveness, speed, power and injury prevention.

Athlete Compound: Spruce Grove Strength Training Gym

At the E.A.T.S. spruce grove gym, we've created an environment dedicated to your physical transformation. We offer top-tier equipment and a supportive community to help you achieve your strength and fitness football goals.

Football Team & Player Growth

Our focus is on specialized growth for both football teams and individual players. We're dedicated to helping you and your team achieve your highest potential through tailored training and proven strategies that work.

E.A.T.S. Football CFL Athlete
E.A.T.S. Football CFL Athletes
E.A.T.S. Football Athlete preparing for bench press
E.A.T.S. Football Athlete performing a row
E.A.T.S. Football Athlete on the assault bike
E.A.T.S. Football Athlete performing hamstring exercise
E.A.T.S. Athlete preparing for squat.
Coach Brad and E.A.T.S. athlete in the Gorilla Compound.
Reviews FROM OUR Members

What Our Athletes Say

Rob & his team @ E.A.T.S. are great, the in-season program they provided for our U-15 AAA Hockey Club was excellent. The attention to detail by the entire staff is great and the accountability they held the team to was very appreciated.

Jason Mercier
PAC Coach

I’ve been training at Elite Athlete Training Systems for 4 years now and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. When I’m there I feel like I can focus on what I’m doing with no distractions. The hardest I’ve ever worked has come from this gym and although it sucks when you’re in it, it makes you much stronger physically and mentally.

Brett Hyland
Brandon Wheat Kings (WHL)

@EliteAthleteTrainingSystems is the go to source for strength and conditioning in Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and area. If you are serious about your performance this is the place for you...

Rob Svarich

Training at E.A.T.S. is one of the best things i could've done for my athletic success. The knowledge and skill set Brad brings to the table is incredible. E.A.T.S. training brought me to that next level where i need to be and is consistently doing so..

Quinntinn Kocis

Super excited and blessed to have this opportunity to play hockey in Florida, thank you to the Florida Eels for bringing me out to play for them. Huge thanks to Athlete Collective and E.A.T.S. for giving me top notch training.

Harrison Papineau

I’m blown away by the attention to detail that every aspect of the EATS method includes. These boys know how to prepare, period. Culture in a training environment is key and E.A.T.S. brings that every day...

Tylor Henry

I've had the pleasure of working with Brad on many projects over the years. I've had the opportunity to have an inside look at his dedication to his craft and the care he puts into his relationship with his athletes...

James Cookson

Brad and the environment at E.A.T.S not only pushes me to live at a higher standard every day I’m in there but demands it! Any athlete or individual that wants to push themselves....

Dextor Janke

Over the past 4 years Eats has become more than a place for me to train and become a better athlete, but it has also help me become a better person all around in every area of my life and also has shown me a greater appreciation for my life...

Wes Bookland

I wouldn't be where I'm at if it weren't for EATS and all the work we put in. If you want to be great you know where to go!

Mike Moore

A lot of my success in 2021-22 can be credited to time spent at The Gorilla Compound (E.A.T.S.) If you're an athlete looking to have a big season, this is probably the place you should be.

Erik Turner
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Questions About E.A.T.S

Frequently Asked Questions

Do football teams /players use E.A.T.S. training during the off-season or during the season?

We customize your training to meet both your objectives and your schedule. During the off-season, we usually ramp up our training to focus on developing strength and power. Throughout the season, we put a lot of emphasis on injury prevention, mobility, and maintenance to make sure you're prepared for every game.

What is the process to train with E.A.T.S.?

Contact us to get started with a free athlete consultation call. We will discuss with you your sports history, current training regimen, your in-sport goals, injury history and budget. From then, we book with your in-person athlete assessment. The assessment is a multi-step test to evaluate possible areas of improvement. The results from the athlete assessment will determine whether we recommend you start your training in either the beginner or advanced stream. Once the assessment is completed, we will establish a training schedule that's convenient for you and begin your training!

How often should I attend training sessions?

For optimal results, we recommend attending training sessions at the E.A.T.S. gym three to four times a week. This frequency allows for consistent progress while ensuring adequate time for recovery. If you're interested in giving our program and facility a try, join us for drop-in strength training every Saturday.

Will my athlete training program be personalized to me?

Yes, the outcomes of the athlete assessment and the player's football position will determine how each strength and conditioning program is modified.

What levels of football players have you trained?

We train football players at the junior-high, high-school, college and even pro level. We are fortunate to train elite football players in the: CFL, NCAA Division 1 men's football, and U Sports football.