Grunts & Grumbles

Grunts & Grumbles May 2023

Rob Svarich
May 2, 2023

Suns out, sleds out!


After enduring another Alberta winter (pretty mild really) spring is in the air once again. The bay doors are regularly open and we are back outside making good use of our parking lot. E.A.T.S. Athletes need to be prepared to be outside for a portion of their training sessions.

What Have We Been Doing?


  • We hosted a community BBQ at the end of April for our athletes and friends. Thank you to those that stopped by. A huge shout out to Grove City Meats for providing an amazing Brisket. Follow them on Facebook -
  • We welcomed the Spruce Grove Cougars Bantam Football Team to the E.A.T.S. Community of Athletes. They will be training Monday evenings 5:30-6:45 pm and 6:45-8:00 pm.
  • The E.A.T.S. Method continues to evolve; changes to how programming is present will begin to roll out in May.
  • Finishing touches are being added to our New E.A.T.S. Goalie Training Protocols, which include specific Functional Range Conditioning work for our Hockey Goalies.
  • A couple of new Rogue sleds have arrived and are ready to go.

What’s Next?


  • E.A.T.S. Strength Sessions will launch May 13, 2023.
  • New Limited Edition Gorilla Gear, Tank Tops, available May 19th, 2023 (sneak peek below) 
  • Parkland Student Athlete Academy Sport Performance program wraps up at the end of June.
  • New Learn to Train program will launch in July.
  • Speed sessions will be back in July.

Limited Edition Gorilla Gear - Available May 19th

Men's Limited Edition Tank Top
Limited Edition Women's Tank Top

E.A.T.S. Strength Sessions

Calling all strength athletes! Powerlifters, Olympic Lifters, Strongman Competitors.

Join us at the Gorilla Compound for E.A.T.S. Strength Sessions.

  • Open gym time at Elite Athlete Training Systems
  • Functional Range Conditioning/Mobility Work delivered by E.A.T.S. coaches

When: Saturdays 

Time: Open Gym 1200-300pm, FRC/Mobility Session 300-400pm

Cost: $75/month or $25/drop-in

Elite Athlete Training Systems is not your average gym. At Elite Athlete Training Systems we are 100% committed to supporting athletes in pursuit of their sport performance goals. 

Strength Athletes hold a special place at the Gorilla Compound and we want you to be part of our community.

We Need Your Help

We are constantly working to grow the E.A.T.S. Community of Athletes and we need your help. Please take a few minutes to to complete a Google Review, just follow the link:

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