Assistant Strength Coach

Carson Eddy

Carson is a dedicated student athlete with several years of experience coaching and programming for athletes ranging from youth to the professional level. As a long-time E.A.T.S. athlete, Carson has an in-depth understanding of the EATS method, which has shown him success as an athlete first hand.

At the age of 9, Carson began playing ice hockey. His career began with Millwoods hockey before playing for both South East Edmonton Recreation Association (Seera) and South Side Athletic Club (SSAC). After almost a decade of playing hockey, Carson developed a passion for football and track and field. Playing both for the Austin O’ Brien Crusaders football team and track team. After high school, Carson signed with the University of Calgary Dinos football team, and currently plays for the Edmonton Huskies Football Club.

In 2016, he began his strength and conditioning journey as an athlete.  Introduced to sport without much natural talent, he had to work for virtually all his accomplishments. This taught him the importance of effort and consistency and showed him that with enough drive and patience, any athlete can accomplish their goals. Carson’s experience with football left him with a love for both strength and conditioning and speed training.

After joining the EATS community in 2020 and being exposed to the one-of-a-kind training environment, he quickly learned he had a passion to share his love for strength and conditioning and the importance of consistency and effort in the weight room. Carson aims to teach athletes how this translates not only to sporting endeavors but also to life.

Carson is currently pursuing his academic career studying for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Kinesiology, majoring in sport performance, at the University of Alberta. His experience in both his athletic and academic career has, and continues to, build a unique and in-depth understanding of both strength and conditioning and speed development in combination with his experience as a strength coach.

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