Certified Strength Coach

Brad Dayman

Brad is the founder of Elite Athlete Training Systems and has an unmatched passion for supporting the development of athletes. Brad is a Westside Barbell special strengths certified coach. Brad has been working with athletes for more than 10 years, in that time he has worked with all different ages and skill levels from Jr. high to professional athletes. Brad has trained football, basketball, hockey and baseball players; as well as BMX racers, bull riders, and strength athletes.

Brad specializes in the development of athletes, which means he does not train athletes for a specific sport but rather he supports in developing all-around athleticism. Brad thinks of athlete development as building a pyramid, a pyramid's height is directly proportional to the size of its base; The primary role of a strength coach is to build the base as big as possible so your sport coach can build the pyramid as tall as possible.

Brad played football in Spruce Grove/Parkland for 10 years, after his playing career ended he spent 8 years as the strength and conditioning coach for the Parkland Panthers high school team. In 2010 he began competing in powerlifting, in 2014 he won best overall lifter at provincials.  At Brad’s last meet in 2017, he was able to squat 904lbs and bench 633lbs. Brad’s years of powerlifting experience have given him an interesting perspective on athlete development. Despite the fact that you’ll never make a penny powerlifting Brad treated it as if it was his profession, for 7 years everything I did was to be the best powerlifter he could be; this has given him insights into the world of being a professional athlete. Brad’s competitive experience helps him connect with E.A.T.S. athletes on a deeper level. Brad has a real understanding of the lifestyle of a professional athlete that most coaches probably don’t.

Brad considers himself blessed to be making a living doing what he loves every day and is honored and humbled by the trust that E.A.T.S. athletes are willing to place on him and the E.A.T.S. Method. Brad understands the importance of the work done in the gym and the role it plays in reaching an athlete's sport performance goals. Brad is committed to giving his best effort every day, if each athlete can commit to the same nothing is impossible!

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