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❝ If you walk with the lame you’ll develop a limp. ❞

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The Owner

My name is Brad Dayman, I have an unmatched passion for training athletes. I’m a Westside Barbell special strengths certified coach and the owner of Elite Athlete Training Systems (E.A.T.S.). I’ve been working with athletes for 7 years now and in that time I’ve worked with all different ages and skill levels from Jr. high to professional athletes. I’ve trained football, basketball, hockey and baseball players; as well as BMX racers, bull riders, and strength athletes. I specialize in athlete development, which means I don’t train athletes for a specific sport but rather I make them a better all-around athlete; I think of athlete development as building a pyramid, a pyramid's height is directly proportional to the size of its base; my job as a strength coach is to build that base as big as possible so your sport coach can build that pyramid as tall as possible.

The Gym

After 2 years of being contracted at a local leisure center gym I finally made the move to open my own facility. In February of 2016 Elite Athlete Training Systems opened The Gorilla Compound; a private elite athlete training facility in Spruce Grove, AB (15 minutes west of Edmonton) dedicated to providing optimal training for all of our athletes to help them reach their goals. It’s a small, hard core gym with an extremely competitive atmosphere and a “work day” mentality. We consider all of our athletes to be family, regardless of what sport or team someone plays for, we are all here to get better and we push each other to do just that. Nothing cute or fancy, just science based, results driven training. We have TONS of specialty equipment that enables us to develop elite athletes such as: